Sunday, February 16, 2014

Biathlon in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics And In My Life (Varia's story)

Varia D is from a sporty family. She has told us a very interesting story about her favourite sport and some famous athletes. She has also told us about popular sports in her family. 
This is her story and her presentation below:

Biathlon is a sport which is equally accessible for men and for women. During competitions the biathlonists ski with a rifle and shoot at targets. They must be very hardy, concentrated, dedicated and self-disciplined. The sportsmen should be good runners and skiers and must also have a very good eyesight to be able to hit the targets. If a biathlonist misses a target while shooting, he has to run an extra circle as a penalty. Ski tracks may vary from 5 to 50 kilometers long, depending on the competition.
Biathlon is my favorite sport. I have been going for biathlon for four years already. I had not been aware of this sport when I started, but I enjoy it now very much. Our coach has been very kind and considerate to me. We live in a part of Moscow, which is very picturesque and has a lot of parks along the Moskva river. In winter time, these parks turn into a huge ski resort with lots of skiing tracks.
My father, an experiences skier, offered me to start training with him, and I agreed. My family is very sportive. My grandma carries a title of the “Master of Sports” (the highest rank in Soviet sports hierarchy) in figure skating. My parents used to ski very often when they were young. My younger sister, who is 8 years old now, practices ballet and she loves it more than anything in her life. However, three years ago she joined my biathlon kids&junior team. As a family of biathlon and ski fans, we wish the victory to all Russian sportsmen in our and their competitions.
While I was writing this blog, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games started in Sochi. I am supporting the Russia biathlon team very much, but luck is so far not on their side. Yesterday, our men’s team leader Anton Shipulin was very close to the third place, but he lost .7 of a second to a Czech sportsman. I felt so sorry for him! I cannot even imagine how desperate he was. The fourth place is most disappointing, when you are so close to an Olympic medal.
Ole Einer Bjorndalen won the gold medal in the men’s sprint biathlon competition. It would not be so amazing, if he was not forty years old and if he hit all the targets. He was the oldest of 87 competitors and he missed one target out of 10. But even though he had to run an extra penalty circle, he managed to catch up with the leaders and overrun them. In Sochi, Bjorndalen won his seventh golden Olympic medal! So I think it is fair to call him ‘’The King of Biathlon’’.
But you should not confuse his name with Bjorn Erlend Daehlie, who is forty six now, and he is not competing. A former 8 gold Olympic champion, he is a successful businessman now and sells sports clothes under his brand name ‘Bjorn’, which I am wearing during my sports exercises and competitions. I have already won several medals and prizes, as well as my younger sister and dad.

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